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The background info:

What It Is:

Basically, this was something I joined a long time ago. around 3 or 4 years. I never took the icon off my site because I loved the cause and concept. The old owner has been MIA for about 2 years now, so I decided to Adopt this little clique and make it my own. I hate the word clique, so i'm throwing it in there for lack of a better word.


YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OWN A WEBSITE. Just input your email. This is not meant to be a traffic generating " clique", it is strictly for people who share this common respect. This is a grab a button and go type deal, for a cause. The cause is based around all the things that make us different as individuals, and all the things that make us the same. The crayons reflect ( obviously ) difference and diversity. It is for people who believe we shouldn't pass judgement on others for any reason, whether it be race, sexuality, disability, religion, a difference in beliefs, or anything of the sort. After all, we all bleed red.

Button Donations!

I'd love some donated buttons if anyone has time or interest, you will be credited on the page they're displayed on =)

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